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Stylish and smart with an elegant touch.  Each quintessentially British.  Transform your daily shaving ritual into a pleasurable experience with genuine Antique handles circa 1890.  


Two different styles of handles available, mother of pearl and Ivory. They both comprise of superb quality and attractive designs, delivering a luxurious shaving experience. The shavers can be easily detached for blade replacement. 


We do the option of gift sets with a combination of shaver and brush.  Brushes come matching to the shaver either mother of pearl or ivory.  Each brush is made from smooth thick badger hair which is the ultimate shaving experience.  They can handle any soap or cream thrown at it!

Two types of shaving heads available either in Gillette mach 3 or Gillette fusion.  The mach 3 delivers a closer shave without all the irritation.  

The Gillette Fusion is designed to bring you optimal performance in shaving, Gillette Fusion men's razor blades will provide you with the most comfortable shave yet. Featuring 5 blades spaced closely together, this design distributes the shaving forces evenly across the razor to provide more comfort and less irritation.


If you fancy them both then why not treat yourself to a combination shaving set.  With clean chrome finishing's and attractive designs these are perfect for holding your shaving materials.  Please note the stands are sold separately.  

Brushes are made from suburb thick soft badger hair which works great spreading shaving foam.  Handles come in a mixture of Mother of Pearl and Ivory all genuine antique Circa 1890. 

Grab the entire shaving kit combination.  Sit's perfectly on these chrome stands and look great in any Bathroom.  Choose from either the Mother of pearl shaver in Mach 3 or Fusion.  Or the Mother of pearl and Ivory Brush.  Please note the stands are sold separately.   

The Shavers also come in two options either the Mach 3 or the 5 Blade shaving head.  You can choose between the Mother of Pearl handle or  the Ivory Handle all Circa 1890.  

Mother of Pearl Fusion
Shaving Set
Mother of Pearl Brush
Ivory Brush
Mother of Pearl Brush
Ivory Shaver
Ivory Brush
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