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Classic design meets the spirit of the age

Our Magnifying Glasses are crafted from the finest Victorian materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail. Every component is designed, developed and produced in our London workshop to the most exacting standards.  A great addition to any home or office.

Distinctive handcrafted Antiques, exuding the perfect balance of tradition and quality.  

The age of elegance captures the extravagant styles of the Victorian age. 

The Character shows in the materials we use, the link to the heritage and design. 

Quality in mind.

Each Magnifying glass is completely individual in its own right.  They are all fitted with genuine handles circa 1890 all with high lasting quality in mind.

Several styles of the Magnifying glass are currently available.  Mother of Pearl, Silver, Stag Horn, Ivory and various woods.  Each fully fitted with a new lens.  


Each Magnifying glasses is shipped directly to you within 48 hours fully insured and tracked.  Every item comes with a full guaranteed exchange policy.  


The lens sizes of the Mother of Pearl and Ivory handles range from 7.5cm to 10cm. 
The Stag horn comes with a 9cm to 10cm lens.  

Some of the unique pieces are higher from 13cm to 15cm. 

Giving The Past A Future

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